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Services: How We Help You Succeed - Revolutionary Industries

The Services & Deliverables We Offer to Help Your Startup Grow Fast

From Idea to Revenue, we help Startups at all Stages.

Business Writing: Executive to Sales Copy

Communicating is probably the most important thing your Startup ever does. So you need to do it well. Polished. No Typos. From your foundational documents like your Business Plan, Executive Summary, Marketing Plan, Online/Web Strategy, Financial Projections/Pro Forma’s, to Marketing Communications, Brand-Based Messaging/ Tone/Voice Selection. Sales letters, email copy, newsletters, direct mail, investor correspondences, list management communications, customer messaging, article/editorial writing, and more.

When it comes to raising Capital: You are your documents & your documents are your business. Do it right.

See Writing Packages 

Investor Relations & Fundraising

Want to raise money for your Startup? If you have your ducks in a row and a viable business model: it’s very possible. But only if you’re ready. We offer a service to help you prepare your venture for a Capital Campaign to raise funds from Angel Investors and VC Funds.

Once you know your business, your market, your numbers, your marketing strategy, projections, and the specific offer you are making to investors: you’re not ready.

We’ll prepare you.

And when you’re ready: we can introduce you to investors that are interested in businesses like yours.

See Investor Prep Packages

Custom Software Development

We know technology and how to build it, and we can build it fast and cost-effectively. We’ve done this a lot before.

If your Startup needs a Web or Mobile application designed and developed: we can help you put it all together.

Custom Software Development of applications serving all industries, using virtually any programming language or software tool, and API’s you want to connect to, creating software to automate business processes, automated trading programs, blockchain and cryptocurrency, Smart Contracts, ICO’s, STO’s, Internet of Things (IoT), and virtually anything you can dream: we can build it.  

Custom Software Development Packages

First Phone Consult is Free - Let's get to Know Your Startup

Before we can tell you the best way to success for your startup (in our opinion): we need to learn about your business. So let’s talk about it.

And if it’s just an idea at this point, that’s perfectly OK. That’s where we all start. What you do with your idea is what’s important.

And if you’re already up and moving: even better! We help grow established businesses too.

We know a lot about a lot, but we need to know who you are before we can help you. That’s why we offer a free phone consultation for startups. There’s a lot we can help you with and a lot of it is low-hanging fruit that we can help you harvest.

Click here and set up a time to talk (it’s Free):

Schedule Your Intro Call Here

Creating & Fine Tuning your Web Presence

Your Startup needs a basic Web site at a minimum if you’re going to be taken seriously. We can assist you in every aspect of your Web presence from Domain name and keyword research/selections, Web design and layout, visitor flows, lead generation, eCommerce, integrations with appropriate social media channels, advertising, and other strategies to drive targeted traffic that will convert into leads and revenue.

Once you have that: it must be tested. Over and over and over again.

Constant improvement – that’s how you win online.

We’ll show you what you need to do.

See Web Site & Online Marketing Packages

Sales & Marketing & PR

Nothing happens in business until a sale is made. More Sales Fixes Everything.

Generating Revenue is your #1 Responsibility. 

We’ll help you design, create, and implement a Marketing Plan with specific Sales Strategy designed to reach the goals projected in your financials.

A comprehensive plan that includes a PR & Media Strategy to get press coverage for you/your Startup.

And a custom strategy to drive targeted online and offline traffic, leads, and revenue to your online revenue generators and your sales team.

See Sales & Marketing Packages

Turn-Key Startup Launch Packages

We can customize any of our services into an a la carte package for you, and we’ve created a number of packages to help you not only accomplish more, but to save money by bundling more services.

Just an idea at this point? Not sure if it’s worth pursuing but want to protect your idea if you do? Need to incorporate? Reserve a name? Trademark questions? (We don’t offer legal advice). We have an opinion and a suggestion.

Need a business plan, executive summary, pitch deck, financial pro-forma, a Search Engine Optimized Web site with lead generation and a CRM to manage leads and start selling, regular content updates, off-page SEO, a Google AdWords PPC campaign, a FB PPC Campaign, social media account creation & management, and constant A/B testing to improve your conversion rates over time? You got it.

Just need a Financial Spreadsheet? A 5 year  P&L Projection? Easy. And fast too.

Have an idea for a Web site or eCommerce business? A blog, YouTube channel, a podcast?  And idea for a software tool?

We can design and build any online business end-to-end.

See our Turn-Key Startup Packages & Pricing Here


Take the first step towards achieving your business dreams today. Click below to schedule your free consultation with Peter Johnson.


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