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Who We've Worked With - Revolutionary Industries

Our Portfolio

Our expertise is not just talk – it comes from real world experience we’ve gained in launching many startups ourselves. Personally. Taking the risks. Putting in the work.

And sometimes: reaping the rewards.

Here are a few of our ventures:



Colorado Green Tours was a highly successful group of travel companies targeting the Colorado cannabis traveler. Tremendous traction, media coverage, and 20x annual growth. And a fight with The Man that’s still ongoing.

PJPodcast.com - The Peter Johnson Podcast

Peter Johnson, a veteran entrepreneur and startup founder, shares his takes on startup life, tools/tricks/tactics for bootstrappers, and his general views on things. Peter is the Founder of Revolutionary Industries and has seen extreme highs and lows and has lived to tell about it.


BlowHard Media is an extremely targeted, highly disruptive hardware and software AdTech play. No public information has been released. 

J2 Trading Co

J2 Trading Co. was launched to address the emerging technologies and markets around blockchain and cryptocurrency emergence and adoption. From trading these new markets, creating new software like wallets and exchanges to creating Smart Contracts and helping clients create new Tokens/Coins/ICO’s/STO’s 


Early-stage startup focused on providing new Entrepreneurs what they need on the Web. New Web sites, marketing tools, and the training to drive traffic to your busines and convert it into revenue.


CannaBeds.com is the first home-sharing, real estate rental, and hospitality Web site to target the newly legal cannabis niche in Colorado. Book your room today!

Green Point LLC

Green Point is a real estate, construction, and land development business focused on custom luxury design-build projects as well as “tiny homes” and other sustainable construction such as custom containers, hempcrete homes, log homes, off-grid solar, and other building technologies designed to fit clients preferred environmental profile, and budget.


Digital Real Estate Group was formed to launch the RealMineCoin – a new tokenized Commercial Real Estate and Computer Data Center – backed offering that allows investors the upsides of real estate and the crypto market with an underlying physical asset for security.


The first Mobile/Web application and social network connecting the gig economy with high-paying grassroots political campaign jobs.

“For though you think you know the thing, you have no certainty… until you try.” -Sophocles


“Good judgement comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgement.” -Nasrudin

We’ve been there and sold it, negotiated it, and closed that deal before.

A few times.

And we’ll do it again.

Struggling with an idea? Want an experienced advisor to guide you what to do next?

Trying to figure out how best to monetize? Drive traffic? Convert? Upsell? Grow? We’ve taken revenues from 0 to $1M+ any umber of times for ourselves and others.

Or maybe you’re thinking about making the leap out on your own for the first time. We’ll help you hang that shingle, hone your business model and start selling your wares. We’ve launched dozens of businesses and know the fastest, most cost-effective way to do it.

Perhaps you want to know how to go about actually raising money from real investors? We’ve raised millions for ourselves and others with our pitch docs, projections, and polish.

Could be you just want a pro to take care of everything so you know it’s done right the first time – you don’t want any cracks in your foundation.

Or maybe after busting your ass for years and growing your baby: you have an aquisition offer. Or maybe you’re thinking an IPO (or ICO/STO) makes sense for your business.

We’ve done it all from bootstrapping to selling out to the big boys.

We can help you at any stage of your startup’s life cycle. 

We love startups – what can we do for yours?.


Take the first step towards achieving your business dreams today. Click below to schedule your free consultation with Peter Johnson.


contact @ revolutionaryindustries.com

3278 S Wadsworth Boulevard #1-94
Lakewood, CO 80227


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