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Revolutionary Industries has a lot of things going on and we need help to accomplish a lot of things we’re planning and working on.

Right now, we’re looking for salespeople, WordPress developers, and software engineers that want to work on Web, Mobile, eCommerce, social, political, Gig economy, anti-corruption, fighting-the-man, marketing, cryptocurrency (from wallets to hosting to trading and mining operations), real estate, legal stuff, and other tasks in support of launching new Startup Businesses online.

We’re also looking for a personal executive assistant too to help out with basic tasks, learn the businesses and processes, run errands, write, work on various tasks, probably learn how to build and market Web sites and online businesses, and be in the heart of the entrepreneurial storm. This is an opportunity to receive mentorship from an experienced startup executive and see the startup world from a whole new perspective.

See the positions we are looking to fill here on Revolutionary Industries’ new Jobs Page.

Current Positions We are Seeking to Fill:

  • Executive Assistant: Wide range of Responsibilities, PT to start.
  • WordPress Developer: Lead Web Developer for a WordPress site in our Portfolio
  • WordPress Instructor: Weekend Classroom Instructor & Assistants
  • Software Developer: Web, Mobile, Social, Consulting – Numerous Projects
  • Sales Executive: Selling Turnkey to Custom Web sites, Software Development, Agency Services +
Executive Assistant

Description forthcoming.

WordPress Developer

Description forthcoming.

WordPress Instructor

Description forthcoming.

Software Developer

Description forthcoming.

Sales Executive

Description forthcoming.



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