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WordPress is the Best Platform for a Fast, Custom Web Site - Revolutionary Industries

WordPress runs something like 38% of the Web sites on the Internet. It’s the way to go for solo entrepreneurs that need a Web site up and working for them fast that allows them to customize and build as their business grows.

How does it do that? Plugins. Plugins are little pieces of code that seamlessly integrate with WordPress to give you the functionality you need. There are likely some settings to tweak, but Plugins can generally be installed with one click too.

Plugins can do things behind-the-scenes like boosting your SEO, sending out notifications every time you post, Web analytics, a blog, a picture gallery, social media integrations (liking and sharing and following), but also eCommerce functionality – with a basic plugin you can monetize your Web site once you connect with a payment gateway (someone like PayPal or Stripe or Square). They you’re off to the races – it’s time to market!

Because a nice little ecosystem of plugins, WordPress designers and developers, and hosting companies has sprouted up around WordPress: you have a lot of options.If you know how to install WP on your host (it’s easy – many offer a 1-click install these days like SiteGround and Bluehost), then it’s simply a matter of selecting the theme you like and writing copy.

You can have a decent WP site up – from scratch – in just a few hours if you know what you’re doing.

Whether you want a countdown clock with an email opt-in, a blog, or an eCommerce business: we’ve done it before and we’re glad to point you in the right direction.

And if you need help: just let us know!


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