Web hosting companies that will host the best Web site CMS out there (WordPress) are growing in popularity and they are the only ones that non-computer-programmers should consider. If you’re comfy with command-line Linux, then you can probably host it yourself and this article isn’t for you.

But, if like use – you’re not necessarily an active computer programmer, but you know how to click a mouse and type on a keyboard and can use the internet and download software and know what a file directory is…then WordPress is exactly what you want. It’s used on 38% of all Web sites. Like this one you’re reading right now – all done in WordPress.

Since WordPress is what you want, for many, many reasons, you need a host that knows how to handle it. There are a few of them out there but one stands out to us: SiteGround. Again, that’s what you’re looking at.

We’ve been doing this a while and can whip up a WP site pretty fast, but it’s really nice to have a 1-click installer (which SiteGround has). Also: they’re cheap. Super cost-effective starting at $3.95/mo.

So when it comes to choosing a host for your Web site – SiteGround is the way we’ve chosen to go.

If you are building a new Web site with WordPress – it could be the best choice for hosting your Web sites too.


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