Revolutionary Industries’ Founder and veteran Startup Founder Peter Johnson is planning a PodCast to be found at

Peter will discuss startups, the startup life, unique challenges of entrepreneurs, how to accomplish specific task, the overall markets for various products and services, the best ways to do things, time-saving tactics, productivity tools and software, sales and marketing and how to increase your revenues, how to find, recruit, and manage good people, and all the things you run into as an entrepreneur as well as all the considerations to make to decide if this is the right path for you.

Topics will include health and wellness, exercise, being at the top of your mental game, inspiration, business models, creating 100% passive income streams, investing, pitching investors, fundraising strategies, Web sites and Mobile Apps, the importance of recreation/vacation (and how to do it right with specific ideas), and we’ll touch on some elements of the modern economic, political, and social climates we are all working in to do our thing.

Laid back. Deep. Insightful. Passionate. Just. Empathetic. Hardcore. And much, much more.

See you soon!


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