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More Sales Fixes Everything - Revolutionary Industries

In 2019 there are a lot of people walking around with grandiose ideas about becoming a billionaire with their startup.

And yet: these people have never sold a fucking thing. Ever. They live in la la land. They don’t know how to generate leads, question prospects, find pain points, qualify & bracket, pre-close, handle objections, and close the deals and generate the revenue your Startup needs. Rainmakers are what top sales people are often called. Because making it rain is literally an impossible task.

Unless these people without sales knowledge and experience get an expert to help craft & execute a plan: they will fail.

At the same time: miracles do happen. So… I mean: there are some really dumb billionaires out there, right? Accounting for those exceptions is not easy.

Let me break it down for you: you’re going to sell a product or a service through any number of business models. You have to pick one – you can’t leave it nebulous. You have to make decisions, select strategies to bring your products and services to market, and then: you have create a compelling value proposition or sales pitch that works. This is a massive effort – long hours most days.

You’ve heard it before: Business owners are really glorified salespeople. And this is largely true. Because that’s where the buck stops.

Do you know why selling is such a big task? Because selling isn’t easy. It’s a LOT of work – especially at the startup phase. Everything’s new and what you’re selling is likely still pretty flexible and so is your pitch and pricing in order to show you have some kind of traction.

Also: you probably suck at selling. Have you read dozens of books on sales psychology, strategy, recruiting/retention, motivation, studied sales compensation plans, written successful sales pitches and trained a team on how to sell & actually helped your reps close real deals? Have you created and executed sales and marketing plans, built out call centers and sales teams and generated millions in revenue as a result of your efforts? At Revolutionary Industries: We have.

Sales and marketing experts out there that can sell what you have. But they are not free. Sales and generating revenue is a MASSIVE task…some might say the only real job a Startup CEO has.

And the truth is: Nothing Happens in Business Until a Sale is Made. That’s just a fact. With no sales you should close your business ASAP otherwise you are very potentially just wasting your time and money on hopes and dreams. So without any sales: you’re going to need to believe. Really, Really Hard.

But investors are faithless. Science-based. Data-driven. If you’re a super-charismatic people-person with a stellar track record, maybe an investor who made a bunch with you in the past will stake you again. But if you don’t have that track record: that’s not going to happen for you. You’re one of many thousands seeking raise capital. You need to show your idea is real, has traction in the market, and can scale (and make investors a big return). That’s the only reason they invest, for the most part.

And if your idea is really good, there are ways you can go about getting pre-sales. This might even alleviate a need to raise investor capital if you can sell enough. But you’re going to need to – early on – crystallize your value prop/sales pitch to your target market and bring it to them the moment it’s polished enough to close a deal on.

Having a skilled, connected Sales Executive to pitch your wares full-time is very important. If you don’t do this and you don’t hire someone to sell for you (that is successful and generates growth), then you have some thinking to do.

If you are a Startup in the Idea-to-Pre-Revenue phase or a fully operating, revenue-generating and growing entity: sales are paramount.

No Sales, No Startup.

A phrase I coined years ago while selling for one of our portfolio companies:

“More Sales Fixes Everything.”

– Peter Johnson of RevolutionaryIndustries.com

If you need some or more sales: Get in touch with us here at Revolutionary Industries.


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