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Domain Name Selection & Strategy: How Important Is It For Your Startup? - Revolutionary Industries

How Important is Domain Name Selection? What Strategies can you use to select your domain name? What are the things to take into consideration when picking domain names?

So you have an idea for a product or service and you know selling online is a no-brainer and you are just starting to think about how you can best sell your wares online.

When it comes to selling online, first things first: what’s your domain name? Are you going to have just one? And if you have more than one, what is the target or goal of each domain name?

For most businesses it makes sense to have a single domain they drive all traffic towards. When your marketing gets more advanced after layering on strategies, you can target very specific content on that domain.

But at first, there are 3 main things you want to think about when registering your new domain:

  1. Search Engine Optimization. SEO is important and one of many SEO strategies is to ensure you have a the proper saturation of your targeted keywords. Not too much, nor too little. There are percentages you should shoot for (we can help you). But when it comes to your domain name: perfectly matched keywords are better. If you are trying to sell “Mega Whatchamacallits”, the best domain name would be “MegaWhatchamacallits.com” – an exact keyword match. We can show you tools to use to see how many searches there are for your keywords, and thus: potentially your keyword-rich URL if you are able to snag one.
  2. Social Network Availability. Selling your wares online is much easier if you have a great social presence. So if you have @MegaWhatchamacallits on FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social channels: you’re going to be better off. Why? Because social networks generally get way more traffic (the big ones anyway), so if you Google “MegaWhatchamacallits” it’s likely to return a search with a FaceBook page with that keyword on it and it will rank very high. Not as high as if you have the .com (or some other TLD’s), but it’s a great way to drive traffic.
  3. Memorability. How easy is your domain name to remember? Will people automatically know how to spell it? Did you avoid punctuation? If your receptionist answered the phone with the domain name would callers recognize and be able to spell it? Is it intuitive? How does it look on Print Ads?

Those are 3 of the top things to consider when contemplating a domain name registration. There are definitely others…like your budget. If you have a a budget, there’s likely a domain squatter sitting on some nice Internet Real Estate that you can buy that has your keywords and social availability and it’s easy to remember and intuitively spelled.

Picking your domain name is one of the most important early decisions of your startup business, online or offline.

Questions about domains? We’re happy to help – get in touch.

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