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About - Revolutionary Industries

We Launch Startups.

We Advise Startups.

We Help Entrepreneurs.


Revolutionary Industries is composed of Hardcore Entrepreneurs. That’s who we are. We live the startup lifestyle, day in, day out. And we’ll never stop until our goals are reached…and we’re measuring!

Personal, Customized Service Specifically Tailored to You and Your Startup

We Know Every Founder is Different. So is every Startup.

That’s why we take our own time (at no cost to you) to get to know you and your business at the beginning of our relationship. We want to know who you are, your personal situation, what is driving you, what your real goals are (not just $ – what the $ is for), and we can help you put together a plan for moving forward. We can do as much or as little for you as you’d like.

Just want a 5-year financial projection? Easy peasy. We can give you a fixed price too – all of our prices and rates are transparent.

Or maybe you want to bounce ideas off of us – we are happy to do that as well – we LOVE brainstorming and are extremely creative in all of our suggestions, services, and solutions.

Or maybe you  want a virtual co-founder to do a lot of the legwork – a contract CFO or COO – we do that too.

Technology is the future. We’re Experts.


Our Founder built his first App in Basic on an Apple IIe in 1986…

…And we’ve kept up. Whether you’re looking to build a simple Coming Soon Web site for your venture, or you want to sell (anything) online – Startups or established businesses that just want to do it better. Or you want a Mobile App built for iPhones and Androids. We can build it.

Got ideas around the cryptocurrency space? We build blockchain apps. New blockchains – public or private. We’re experts at Smart Contracts, Ethereum, ICO’s / STO’s, trading these markets, and pretty much everything crypto software. Hosting MasterNodes? Yup. Setting up a crypto hedge fund? We can show you how – we’re knowledgeable in securities laws relating to cryptocurrencies/ICO’s/STO’s. Love to chat.

Startup Fundraising Capital Campaigns – How Do You Find/Meet/Pitch/Close Startup Investors?

There are many ways to skin a cat, as they say.

Personal relationships are the best and there are many ways to cultivate these personal relationships. It takes time. We’ve put in decades and raised millions. We can help with small investments from Angel Investors to pitching VC Investors and all in between. We know a lot about crowdfunding too – especially in Colorado. Did you know you can now raise up to $5000/ea from non-accredited investors in Colorado? (This is not legal advice – a process must be followed before you can make any offering, generally speaking).

Here’s the thing with raising money: it takes a lot of work to prepare to pitch investors. They’ll have questions. You need the answers. All of them…if you plan on successfully getting funded. We’ll help you.


Diving Deep Behind the Scenes: Your Business Model

So you have an idea. OK…what’s it worth? You’ll need to do some homework to figure that out (we can help). Market research. And how are you going to go about selling your wares? Do you have an MVP, Prototype, Phase 1, Site Map, Wireframes – what’s the plan? Who’s going to build it? What will it cost? How many will you sell in week/month/year 1? What are your margins? Where/Will you have an office? Overhead? What’s your tech stack? Who do you need to hire and what will they cost? What kind of software do you need? Banking? Payment Processing? Accounting? What kind of insurance do you need? Is there a stock-option plan for early recruits? Any employee benefits? And do you have any money to pay them? Who are your competitors? What new revenue streams are low-hanging-fruit? Who is your target market and what are the best channels to reach them? What are the best price points? What can you outsource? How are you different? What are the barriers to entry? Why is your business special? Can anyone do what you’re doing if they had the money? 

Some questions are not easy to answer. We can coach you up to confidently answer all angles of investor inquiry.


Get In Touch with Us

We’re in Denver:

3278 South Wadsworth Boulevard, Suite 1-94

Lakewood, Colorado 80027

Contact @ Revolutionary Industries .com (no spaces)

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